Spinal Decompression

If you’re looking for a safe, effective, non-surgical approach to chronic back and neck pain relief, Dr. Brian Zimmer at Chiropractic Care & Rehabilitation Center in Erie, PA provides spinal decompression and more for your needs.

5 Facts to Know About Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is just one of several chiropractic techniques that effectively treat neck pain, back pain, and more. Learn more about this technique in the facts below shared by Dr. Zimmer at Chiropractic Care & Rehabilitation Center in Erie, PA.

It Provides More Than Pain Relief

Spinal decompression is known as a technique to stretch your spine – something that most can agree would feel wonderful. Aside from that, though, it creates space for all of the soft tissues of the spinal column, draws healing nutrients in, rehydrates spinal discs, promotes the body’s natural healing processes, and much more.

It Can Treat a Variety of Conditions

Decompression therapy is effective in treating various conditions, including but not limited to spinal stenosis, herniated discs, pinched nerves, chronic back pain, chronic neck pain, disc degeneration, and more.

It Can Prevent the Need for Medication and Surgery

Often, people with chronic back pain have been told that they’ll either have to live on medication or resort to surgical intervention. Spinal decompression therapy offers a third natural and highly effective option. The process of stretching the spine and all the benefits it provides addresses the root of the pain. And when the root is addressed successfully, the pain goes away, meaning you don’t need medication or invasive procedures for relief.

It Provides Lasting Results

To achieve full recovery, you’ll need a few to several treatment sessions, according to your needs. While this might seem disheartening, it should actually give you a great deal of hope. Each treatment session builds upon the last to ensure that your condition is fully treated. And once this occurs – provided you do not sustain a new injury – you can enjoy long-lasting results.

It’s Not for Everyone

Though decompression therapy is generally a safe technique, it’s not a good choice for everyone. For example, those who are pregnant or have a spinal fracture should not have spinal decompression therapy. It’s essential that you make your chiropractor aware of any condition or symptoms you suffer, as well as your medical history and your family’s medical history. This knowledge will ensure that you only receive treatment methods that are safe and effective for you.

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